One of the keys to a successful event is having a smooth schedule. Organizers dread the idea of having to communicate schedule changes and attendees often struggle keeping up with changes and planning their day. A powerful and dynamic schedule can make life easy for everyone. Organizers and planners need the ability to stay dynamic and fast. Smart scheduling lets changes occur on the fly and these changes are automatically pushed to native applications displaying the schedule. The changes are automatically updated on the user’s phone. In addition to time and date changes, each scheduled item is linked to its corresponding speaker and to an information or sponsorship page to give a complete picture of what the session is about. Attendees need to have access to the most relevant information and be able to plan their day effectively so they can make the most of their time at the event. Users can view information about each session and take notes relavant to each session. The My Schedule feature allows attendees to design their own schedule based on the common event schedule. This allows them to streamline their day, take interest in the things they really care about and cut the noise relating to everything else. Also since the My Schedule features stays up to date automatically if the organizers change the general schedule. What happens when the data signal drops out or if there is no internet? The scheduling features keep in sync with the cloud, but also store the most relevant information locally allowing the app to fully function without internet access based on the last sync. When the internet comes app so does the sync, its that simple. With all of these features the smart schedule allows both organizers and attendees to get the most out of their day.