We live in the age of sharing everything. Most people post status updates, images, articles, videos, or other items on an almost daily basis. And, with so many platforms, all those post tends to get lost in the haze of the internet. 


For events, sharing can be a double-edged sword. Productive sharing could be one of the best enhancements to your event and create a really awesome experience for your attendees. However, oversharing by your attendees can bury you and your team in a haze of unrelated social media that can prevent your attendees from leveraging social networks as a positive method of communication. 




That brings us to the overlooked hashtag. Hashtags are the tool of choice when trying to cut the fog of social media and get to the posts that really matter. The most popular micro-blogging service, Twitter, and most popular photo sharing service, Instagram, have taken full advantage of this. Your event can choose a hashtag or a series of hashtags and then only get posts related to that tag. The hashtags let you organize the posts so your attendees are seeing only the ones that matter most to them. They are the secret weapon in your event's social network strategy. Plus, with the easy tracking of hashtags, events are using them to conduct polls to getting feedback. 


Thats why on our EventEdge system we let you search, organize, and post via hashtag. Whatever we can do to make it a little easier for event organizers.