Better budgeting is critical both for the client and your team to effectively manage an event. In this week's event read, we look into some tips that helps you better communicate with your client and keep costs to a minimum.

By Melanie Woodward, Event Planning Blueprint
Value for money is something that every client craves, here some ways that you can offer your client better mileage. This article is by Melanie who heads Event Planning Blueprint. 

By Jodi Cirrincione, Belvedere Banquets Blog
Organizing a company's conference or marketing seminar is never easy but with proper budget planning you can be just as accommodating. This article is by Jodi on Belvedere Banquets Blog.

By Jeff Kear, Viktorix
If you are a event planning newbie, budgeting your event could be confusing. Here is a great guide that you should check out to help you out. This article is by Viktorix, the ultimate guide to professional event planning.