Apple just announced the newest version of their operating system at their World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Outside of some new features such as new Mac Pro, iOS in the Car, and iTunes Radio, the biggest news of the day was the radical redesign of iOS to make it look for modern and simplified. 


Haven't seen the look yet? Take a look below:



A few things that stick out on first review:


1) Flat/Depth in the same design - Apple seems to have gone in two different directions that wouldn't normally work, but seems to find a way. They simplified their icons, menus, etc, but managed to also add parallax and depth with faded views. Its a bold experiment, so its interesting to see if it will work.


2) A New Standard - Apple has completely changed the way they built and designed their standard applications. They have simplified (white and flat text) their menus, removed icons, and kept single colors rather then a mix. Its a bold change, and one that may make users less comfortable, but something that keeps up with modern design. 


3) Actions Matter - One thing that Apple has really been 'borrowing' from other platforms is interactions and actions to make user experience better. In iOS7 users can swipe from left edge to right to go back and swipe up for an actions menu.


As EventEdge apps evolve, we are excited to see a new perspective from Apple to continue improving their platform.