At EventEdge, we are always striving to continue to enhance the attendee experience using technologies that are useful but not disruptive to your event. With that in mind, we are glad to start rolling out Bluetooth Beacons. We took a lot of time to integrate a system that allows organizers to customize how they use the technology, so read on to learn more. 

What are Bluetooth Beacons? 
Bluetooth beacons use a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Most newer smartphones contain a special chip that can constantly scan for other BLE signals and when they find one, they can figure out the distance between the device and signal. Beacons are small, stand-alone electronic devices that send out this signal and allow you to build proximity based services. 

How Can You Use Them? 
Beacons allow you to add automatic, background proximity sensing to your event and then use that to trigger actions. For example, you can integrate a beacon at the entrance of your venue and show a welcome message when your attendees enter. Because the beacons don’t require Wi-Fi or a power source, you can place them around your venue freely. 

How They Work with EventEdge
We put a lot of time into thinking of best way to integrate beacons and we decided the best way was whatever works best for your event. We built a flexible platform that allows you to trigger events in your app that are customized for you. You can unlock gamification tasks, load pages, or use beacons for check in. The options are endless. 

What’s Coming Next? 
At EventEdge, we have just started exploring the best way to use the new technology at events. We are working on turning your device into a beacon to enhance contact swaps and attendee communication along with some cool new indoor mapping technology. 

Interested in adding Beacons to your event? We take care of everything from providing the beacons to walking you through the integration process. Contact us to today to learn more.