Happy New Year! 

We are excited to enter 2015 after our strongest year ever! In 2014, we evolved our platform, made customizations easier and continued to push mobile event technology forward. For 2015, we have some new plans we are excited about. A few of them include the following: 


1) A New Website - we are redeveloping our website and making it easier to get information on event apps and event technology. We are planning on launching soon, so stay tuned.


2)Improvements Galore - we have been working hard to make our existing features better and give more control to event organizers. We are also working on under the hood improvements and interface changes that will help continue to improve the user experience. We will be rolling them out continously as the year progresses. 


3) New Features Galore - we are planning roll outs of many new features and additions to our existing features. Stay tuned to the blog to see them as we push them out. In addition, we are working on new integrations with event information providers. 


Stay tuned to the blog throughout the new year!