During a conference or tradeshow, event organizers depend on their mobile devices to keep them (and their event) going. Of course, that means a constant fight with the battery indicator on your phone. We put together some tips for saving your battery when a plug is not always available. 

Reduce Your Screen Brightness
While most people think that your apps are drawing the most power, its actually your screen that is the power hog. Making small adjustments in the screen’s brightness, power, use can make a big difference in your battery life. 

Turn off Wi-Fi or Cell Data
While at an event, there is usually only one good source of internet, either cellular data or wi-fi. And because you are only confined to a single venue, it doesn’t make sense to try to connect to both constantly. Turn off the connection method you don’t need to save valuable battery life. 

Adjust Data Settings
Our phones are constantly pulling information for apps that are in the background and aren’t necessarily needed at an event. It’s easy to turn that function off and save the battery life that comes along with it. 

Turn Off Automatic App Updates
Keeping your apps on the latest version is important, but it might be worth the tradeoff while trying to save battery at an event. Easily adjust your settings to turn off automatic updates so you don’t use up more bandwidth or battery than needed.

Turn Off NFC/Bluetooth
Every cool, advanced technology on your device takes up battery. While many are useful to your event, the ones that you aren’t using can be turned off to save some juice. 

Just to be Safe: Get a Backup Battery
At the end of the day, no method guarantees that you will get through the day on your battery. Just to make sure you have your device when you need it at most during your event, grab a quick back up battery.