Lets face it, event organizers live off their mobile devices and trust them to be secure. In light of the newest iCloud breaches, we decided to put together some tips that will help keep your data secure and for your eyes only. Have any additional tips? Let us know on Twitter. 

Do Right Now: Lock Your Phone / Apps
We pull our phones out an average of 150 times a day (according to KPCB’s Annual Internet Trends Report) and having a password can be a bit annoying. However, its a small price to pay for security. Our phones are constantly logged into our emails, banks, and other sensitive areas and putting a password or pattern lock is an absolute necessity. For those of you who hate entering complicated passwords, you can also use other methods like Apple’s TouchID or Motorola’s NFC unlocking. 

As Soon as You Can: Change All Your Passwords
Yes, passwords are annoying to enter and tough to remember but they really are the only line of defense between unsavory characters and your data. We suggest making sure passwords to all your accounts are different and have long, difficult to guess phrases. Having trouble managing all your accounts? Use a secure solution like LastPass or 1Password to make it a bit easier. 

As Soon as You Can: Enable Two Factor Authentication on Important Accounts
Passwords can still be broken, even if they are secure. That is why many major companies like Google. Apple and Facebook have added Two-Factor Authentication to their services. The system works by requiring you to enter your password, then also sending you a random code to your phone that you must enter to get into your account. It means you must know your password and have your phone, something that is very difficult to get. In most services, you can go to the screen where you reset your password and set up Two-Factor Authentication. 

Do it Continuously: Backup Your Data
While letting a third-party view your data is a major problem, losing your data can be just as frustrating. That is why an important part of keeping your data secure it making sure you it’s not all in the cloud. Keep offline backups of all your sensitive data so that you always have in case your need it. 

Our apps for conferences, events, and meeting are secure out of the box, but we are always happy to hear more. Send us a message on Twitter or an email if you have any additional tips you think we should add to list.