Google just took the wraps off its latest version of Android, a minor update with a very sweet name. We take a look at what event organizers need to know and how it will affect your event technology in the future. 


With the release of Android 4.4, Google has shown what they are hoping to do with the future of mobile system and hopefully take a big step forward in reducing fragmentation. We got our Nexus 5s with KitKat and here are our first thoughts and impressions: 


1) Built for Everything

One of the big sources of issues with Android is the fragmentation. Most devices are still running an operating system that is 2+ years old. It terrible for furthering technology because its hard to embrace new technologies in the newest versions when the majority of users are still on old versions. Google is hoping to change that with KitKat. They have tweaked the operating system to run on systems that are slower and with less memory with the hope that manufacturers of low end devices will be able to upgrade to 4.4 regardless of the specs of your device.  


2) Pure Google

Android, at its core, is a platform to connect wtih Google services and KitKat puts that front and center. Google Now is not only better, but easier to access. Every Google App has been made smoother and more integrated with the Android core. Plus, search is front and center. You can say 'OK, Google' from any home screen and immediately voice search. And the new dialer automatically searches for businesses every time your make or recieve a call. 


3) Smoother / Faster

Android has always felt a half step slower then iOS in previous versions. Google has taken a big step towards fixing this by making animations more fluid, menus less cluttered, and Android more stable all around. Its immediately noticable and really adds to the experience. 


4) Mature

Its been 2 years since Google released Android 4.0, their vision for the future of the platform and has been refining since. In 4.4, it finally feels like the platform is maturing. Everything just feels more complete and the platform is integrated in a way that makes sense. 


What does it mean for events?  

For event organizers, Android 4.4 KitKat could be a boon. As events continue to embrace mobile technology, its hard to plan for the future when attendees are on so many different versions of Android. Planners can't use new technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy until they reach a critical mass of attendees. We hope that 4.4 pushes users to standardize and allow events to embrace newer technologies.