Event organizers live fast-paced, hectic lives and the best way to cut through chaos is to leverage your smartphones. We have combed through the millions of apps to give you a few of our best suggestions. 
Evernote (+Hello)
Count us as huge Evernote fans. Simplicity is the key to making Evernote the most useful app we have come across. The simple interface allows you to take notes, organize documents, and grab websites while keeping all your information synced across all devices. A great add-on is the companion app Hello which lets you track the people you meet, organize contact information, and network more effectively. For event professionals, both these functions can be essential to planning events and building your business. 
Email is essential to any event organizer’s productivity, but many times it ends up hurting more than helping. Mailbox is a unique app that hopes to solve that problem with a creative design and well thought out gestures. While you may never actually catch up on your email, stay organized and in the know with minimum effort. 
Sunrise Calendar
For event organizers, life seems to revolve around their calendar. The standard smartphone calendars are not up to task, so we prefer the Sunrise calendar. The calendar does a great job organizing all your information, showing relevant information, integrating maps, and syncing across all your devices. With an easy to use, creative interface, we really wish Sunrise was the standard and not the exception. 
Event organizers live off their laptops and iPads, so why not use the two together? With AirDisplay, you can use your iPad/iPhone/Android device as a second monitor and increase your productivity. It may not seem like it, but a second monitor can really help when trying to get work done on the go. 
With event organizers carrying around so many devices, keeping everything in sync is a challenge. Pushbullet lets you automatically and easily send files from your desktop to your mobile device and vice versa. Send proposals, RFPs and other important information back and forth with ease, saving you time to do the really important things. 
IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That’ and works as a backbone for exchanging information across various services. For example, you can send an email that is automatically posted to Twitter or automatically get a text for each of your calendar events. Using IFTTT can simplify a lot of day to day tasks for event organizers and save you tons of time.