Amid the multitude of new product announcements coming this fall, the most anticipated by far is the new iPhone. Apple's flagship device is popular throughout the world, but has gained a real traction with event organizers. With simple interaction and tons of apps, its no surprise. With the new iPhone being announced in the next few weeks, we take a look at what to expect. These features are just what we expect, not confirmed. Apple's legendary reputation for secrecy is alive and well. 

Likely: Larger Screens
Our phones have become a lot more than just communication devices. The smaller screen that Apple loves is no longer good enough for the way we consume information and interact with our devices. That is why most people expect a larger screen in the iPhone 6. For event organizers, it means moving even more media and interaction to mobile devices. 

Likely: Better Camera
Smartphone cameras have gotten a lot better, but they still can't replace SLRs for taking really great pictures. Apple has lead the way with mobile device cameras, but its not quite there yet. If the iPhone 6 can push cameras even further, event organizers can ditch official photographers and let their audience become the documenter of an event. 

Likely: Faster, Smoother
With event organizers working off their devices, speed matters. As much as we love the iPhone, it does slow down when you have 20 different apps open at a time and switching between them can laggy. With a better processor and new software, the new iPhone could make getting work done for event organizers a bit easier. 

Less Likely: NFC
At EventEdge, we love NFC since its an easy way to connect users at an event, but Apple has held out from implementing it. If the iPhone 6 ends up with NFC, it could open lots of doors for making your event app even better. 

We also expect lots of design changes and minor updates, but hopefully the iPhone 6 keeps making event organizers more efficient. We look forward to the announcement on September 9th. Have questions about iPhone event, conference, and meeting apps? Contact us today.