One of the most common questions that we get asked is why we try so hard to make sure that our apps work offline. It is one of the main reasons we focus on building amazing native apps. We have found that for events especially, having apps that work offline really enhances the experience. Here is why:



1) Always Available - Events are chaos. There is always something going on and sorting through that information is a big enough challenge. The apps for your event should not have attendees walking around, searching for signal. With our sync system, the information is always available, meaning handing out wi-fi passwords or searching for areas to get signal is not an issue. The apps sync when you have data and keep that information available all the time.


2) Speed - Let's face it: we are stretched for time, especially at events. No one has time to sit and wait for every page to be loaded from a limited internet when they need information NOW. The app should load the data quickly and let the user find what they are looking for in an instant.  


3) Limit Data - We live in the age where minutes and texts are free and data is where cell companies make their money with data. You should only have to load information once and not spend half your data allowance on constant reloading. Creating an app that only syncs the data makes its available as many times as you need it makes your event experience even better.