Every year, thousands of technology companies gather at the biggest technology show on earth to showcase their idea of the 'next big thing.' We report back with some the technology and trends that will matter to event organizers in the upcoming year. 


Staying ahead of the technology curve can be both confusing and time consuming. After browsing the multitude of stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we think these are the trends and items that will affect event apps and event organizers in 2014. 



We have mentioned it before, and it seems like 2014 might finally be the year of the wearable. Every where you go in CES, you see new fitness trackers, tracking clothing, and smartwatches. From the Pebble Steel  to Bluetooth Smart Jewelry  (yes, jewelry), wearables are coming into their own. Event organizers should know that their attendes are more connected and trackable then ever before. With new data streaming in, events can leverage this for gamification, attendee interaction, and better events. 


High Quality 4K Rules 

The age of the simple projection is over. No longer is HD good enough for events - the age of 4K televisions is upon us. 4K is 4X the quality of 1080HD and every company is tripping over itself to deliver the first consumer models. Every corner of CES if full of 4K televisions and projectors and pretty soon that will be the new standard. For event organizers, it will soon be time to start considering they new displays when setting up projectors, displays or exhibitions. 


Next Gen Experience

One of the biggest winners of CES was the amazing new 'Crystal Cove' prototypes that were shown off by Oculus. With full immersion gaming, its hard not to look ahead to the possibilities for events, particularly when it comes to demos and exhibitions. Event organizers should keep their eyes open to these radical next generation experiences and look at ways to spice up events with them. 


Internet of Things

One trend that expert has predicted for years, has been the rise of the internet controlled home. Well, CES definitely showed off an industry that is waiting for that explosion. Many companies are hoping the rise of mobility will be the missing piece the world finally embracing the internet of things. For event professionals, we say sit back and relax; it will likely be a while before you need to deal with it.


Its always nice to kick off the year with a look ahead. We hope events down the road have as much excitement as CES.