With the incredible amount of information out there for event organizers, we are launching the 'Weekly Event Read' to showcase some of the best articles from around the internet. Every Wednesday, check out our blog for new articles. 


3 Inventive Ways to Track Down Potential Speakers for Your Next Event

By Kelvin Newman, www.eventmanagerblog.com 

Kelvin Newman, the organizer of Bright on SEO, breaks down some great ways to find great speakers for your next event. With the multitude of speakers, sometimes you have to reach out to them and find interesting ways to find the right ones for your event. 



Engaging your event audience through real-time response technology

By Darren Edwards, blog.invisage.net 

From Darren Edwards, an event technology expert based in Australia, this article looks at how mobile is changing audience response. This article mentions our own 'Live' features, so its a must read for us.



The 5 Step Process for Managing Difficult Speakers 

By Liz Alton, eventjuice.co.uk 

Getting speakers is one thing; managing them is a completely different animal. We have all had to deal with speakers that are more trouble then they are worth and this article by Liz Alton on Event Juice is a helpful guide to make sure it doesn't sink your event.