In this week's event read, we look into the attendee experience and how to improve content delivery at your next event. 


Delivery or Discovery? The Dueling Conference Competitors

By Jeff Hurt,

What is more important to the attendee experience: delivery of information or discovery of content? This article by Jeff Hurt, heads education and engagement at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting takes a look. 


Not Just Fun and Games: Why Event Professionals Should Care About Gamification

By Cathy Key,

You have heard about gamification, but why has it become popular? Does it really engage your audience? Cathy Key takes a look at how gamification can create better events. 


5 Tips to Supercharge Your Event with Social Media

By Rebecca Yetzer,

Social media is a mainstay at events and increases attendee interaction and engagement. Active takes a look at some tips, news and best practices in event technology industry.