For sponsors at events, promotion and awareness is the name of the game. Mobile event apps provide a new avenue that can be one of the most effective means to offer value to your sponsors.


More Eyeballs, More Time


Mobile devices are what your attendees are looking at. Throughout the day, your attendees will check their phones on 23 times and spend a significant amount of time in your event app. With so much time spent on a medium you control, your sponsors will get tons of exposure.


Interactive Promotion

Just printing a sponsor logo on paper takes interactivity out of the equation. By promoting then in an event app, your sponsors can link their phone numbers, websites, or email address and let attendees directly get information. In addition, you can tie sponsors to gamification events, upload their documents, or attach them to specific sessions.


Real Content Value


Sponsors don’t just want to promote themselves, they want to inform attendees. With an event app you can not just let attendees know a sponsor exists, but give them information about their products and shorten the time for a sponsor’s return on investment.