Communicating with attendees before, during, and after an event is one of the biggest challenges that event organizers face. In the digital age, email has been the go to method, but with the rise of mobile event apps, PUSH messaging is both more effective and cost conscious. Here is why you should be using PUSH to send out general event messages. 

Don’t Get Lost in the Inbox
Email acts as a convenient, easy way to message - which is why everyone uses it. Most professionals get so many emails a day that their email box is full of unread messages. If you have an important message to get your attendees, don’t let it sit unread in an inbox. With PUSH messages, your attendee get a message directly on their device with your information front and center. 

No Filters to Fight
Sending out emails is usually easier when you use a service that will manage your list. However, these services also tend to hit spam filters. That can be a major problem if your emails are not getting through to your attendees or sponsors. With PUSH messages, you can make sure that your message is getting to your audience instantly.

Target Who You Need To
If your event app includes accounts, you can target your attendees down to the individual person. This makes it easy to send personalized messages and send out important information only to attendees you want and have it pop up directly on their device.

While PUSH messages won’t be replacing email any time soon, they do give event organizers a better, more effective way to communicate with their attendees. Contact us today to find out how you can use PUSH for your event.