This week we look at how you can drive more registrations to your event, how to solve all those social media mistakes that event organizers make, and how to make your event greener. 


Want To Drive More Registrations? It Ain’t Luck!

By Sara at Eventbrite

There is no way to way to get more registrations using the set it and forget it method. Driving more registrations means more time and effort. However, Sara at Eventbrite gives you some tips on how to effectively get more registrations without killing yourself or your reputation.


20 Mistakes Events Make on Social Media and How to Fix Them

By Julius Solaris at Event Manager Blog

Social media can be an incredibly effective tool to drive registrations, interact with attendees at your event or get feedback after an event is over. However, event professionals tend to make mistakes that could cost them time and effectiveness. Julius over at Event Manager Blog gives a step by step method on how to fix them.  


5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Event 'Greener'

By Marie Griffin at Expo

On our theme of going green this week, Marie interviews Tom Bowman, a sustainability expert, on how to make your events greener.