Event organizers are always looking to make an impact after an attendee leaves an event. Rather than filling their bags with random items, give some awesome tech that they will love and remember. Here are a few suggestions, and contact us if you have any others. 
Google Chromecast ($35)
For such a low price, this magic stick can let you watch YouTube, Netflix, and mirror your computer to any TV. It’s easy to use, easy to setup and its something your attendees will use every day. If $35 is a bit pricey for everyone, make them a special giveaway or a contest price. 
Wi-Fi Finder Keychain ($5-$10)
If you attendees go to a lot of events, you know that finding Wi-Fi is one of the biggest issues. Imagine being able to find an open network without pulling out your phone or searching. Give them this little device that you can put your branding on and keep them connected all the time. 
To-Go Backup Battery ($8-$15)
The best gift you can give an attendee is something they will need at the most opportune time. With single use or rechargeable backup batteries, also branded, you can make sure your event or sponsor is remembered when an attendee needs them the most. 
The Last Pen You Will Need ($8-$25)
Giving branded pens is a bit of cliche, but you can replace them with a technology powerhouse. Give an all in one pen with a USB drive, stylus, laser pointer all built in. Its something that your attendees will always carry.