Social networks and event apps have become the norm at meetings and conferences worldwide. With this new source of information, event organizations can find creative ways to use the data they get from our apps. We put together some of our favorites. 

Flickr Photo Stream 
With our apps, you can post photos directly to a pre-determined hashtag. Want to add a live, visual way to showcase your meeting or party? You can pull those photos directly from Twitter and display them as they are posted on the walls of your venue. You can also extend this view to include Instagram or other sources. 

Twitter Stream
Twitter has become the go to method for real time, public communication. The best way to build a conversation around your event is the leverage that service. As your attendees are posting and discussing, a cool way to show the activity of your event is to have a live wall. You can show the top tweets, pictures, popular mentions, and other information. 

Live Surveys Display
Feedback is important to organizers, but also to attendees. They want to see what other users are saying about parts of your event. Using the information users enter in your app surveys, you can display a wall of feedback and let users get excited about your event. 

Connection Stream
With our new contact swap feature, attendees can easily swap their information right from the app. Using this information, you can show the real value of your event with a real time connections counter and show the latest connections as they happen.