We have been working on a series of features to continue to push our amazing EventEdge apps to the next level. After testing through a few events and polishing, we are happy to announce that Gamification is now available as an add on feature. Learn how we built the feature to add a whole new level of interactivity and a competitive element to your event. 

Easy to Start
We organized our gamification around simple tasks to making getting started easy. Simply create tasks on our backend, choose the method of redemption, and that is it. Need to dive a bit further? You can also group tasks, make them featured or assign multiple point values. When designing gamification, we made sure to simplify for already overworked event organizers. 

Multiple Ways to Earn Points
We realized that events are fluid and always changing and redeeming points should be simple. With that in mind, we built in three methods to redeem points into our gamification. First, you can get points by putting in a simple, numerical redemption code. Second, you can get points by scanning a specific QR code. And last, we integrated Snowshoe Stamps to get points by tapping your stamp. By making it easy to get points, we made sure that attendees will interact and engage with your gamification element. 

See Who is Doing What
Having a leaderboard is a must have, but we allow organizers to drill down under individual attendees and see how they are earning their points. That way you can track what tasks are really making an impact and see how attendees are using the game. 

Simple but Useful
Like everything we make, our goal is enhance your event without distracting. We put a lot of thought in making sure that we didn’t pack in every possibility, but the features that are really useful for event organizers. Keep in mind, you can customize gamification (like any of our features) and tailor it just for you. 

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