You have an awesome event app for your conference with attendees using it to communicate, get information, and stay informed. It both adds value and saves money. Event apps also create a lot of information that event organizers can use before, during, and after your event. We break down some of the actionable ways data can inform decision making. 

Making Venue Choices
Find right venue with the right configuration is always a challenge for event organizers. With event apps, it can be a little easier. Because the apps let attendees plan out their schedules and figure out how they plan to spend time at the event, the organizer gets valuable data in advance of the sessions. This means that popular sessions can be moved to larger spaces, rooms can be reconfigured to reduce travel time and event staff can be assigned to popular areas - all in advance. 

Who Are The Impact Speakers/Attendees
Gauging interest is always a challenge that event organizers face. With event apps, organizers can easily track profile views and connections with certain speakers and attendees well before an event and see who is the most popular. Have some uber popular speakers? Make their sessions longer or ask them do an informal meetup. Have well connected attendees? Find a way to incorporate them into your event or use them to market to other attendees. 

Pre-Event Surveys
A new trend in pre-event communication has been getting feedback from your attendees before an event starts. With event apps, that is easier than ever before. Find out food preferences, how people plan to travel, what attendees want to see and use that information to better use your resources. Its a win-win. 

Post Event Reports/Adjustments
One of the hardest things to do is get hard data on where your event succeeded and where it didn’t. With event apps, you can use a combination of surveys and data from how users used the app to make informed choices for future events.  Data makes decision making easier.  Plus, you can offer your sponsors and executives data to justify your next event.