Attendees come to events to gain some knowledge and develop relationships with like-minded individuals. Following up and extending the relationships beyond the event is a standard part of the post-conference process. However, event organizers rarely take the time to do a their own post-event follow up and miss out on an opportunity to strengthen their audience for future events. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the process.

Identify Your Top Influencers and Personally Follow Up
There are different levels of influencers at any conference. The top ones facilitate enough connections that they can be a draw to many events. Keeping them coming back can be difference between being successful and unsuccessful. Directly following a conference, follow up with your influencers with a personal note or quick phone call. Building a personal relationship can really help build momentum for future events. 

Thank Your Speakers with a Nod to the Future
Organizers put a lot of time and effort into finding the right speakers for their event, since they have an outsized impact on your conference. To make the process easier for the future, start at the end of your previous event. Make sure you thank your speakers and send them feedback on their content and delivery. Most importantly, subtly lay out your calendar for future events that might be interest. Making an approach in the future is easier if they see it coming. 

Get Fresh Feedback without Pushing
Organizers always want to get feedback from their attendees, but many times attendees skip over the step. To ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of feedback, incentivize your attendees with follow up prizes or discounts to future events. In addition, turn your attendees into evangelists by using the feedback to truly improve future events.  

Send Periodic Updates
The beauty of mobile apps and social network is that you can consistently keep in touch with your attendees. Increase your repeat attendance by sending periodic updates and staying engaged through social networks. It’s also useful to post videos and content from your event often to remind attendees of their experience. 

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