In this week's event read, it's a mixed bag, from general mistakes you should avoid to tips to improve conference breakouts and attendance at your next event.

By Julius Solaris, EventManagerBlog
Learning from mistakes and not repeating them is what everybody plans but only few action it. This guide lists common mistakes that one should avoid for a successful event. The article is by Julius, editor of the Event Manager Blog.

By Dave Lutz, JeffHurtBlog
Effectively delivering Breakouts is never easy and one of the most challenging tasks ofor your event. This article gives you tips to deal with Breakouts, written by Dave on JeffHurtBlog.

By Ben Schwartz, Viktrorix
Yet another daunting task that every event professional faces is improving attendance at their next event. Save on each activity is what we follow, here are some simple tips to better attendance on a budget. This article is by Viktorix, the ultimate guide to professional event planning.