It has become almost cliche to state that your event is green, but embracing sustainability can be a big advantage for event organizers by saving money, increasing prestige, and enhancing experience. 

Saves Money
The traditional belief that being sustainable means paying a little more is no longer valid in the age of technology. Embracing sustainability can actually save event organizers a bundle. Replacing paper packets with event apps, ditching water bottles, and use sustainable practices will save you money from your bottom line while actually helping your experience. 

Sustainability is Marketable
As events continue to proliferate, event organizers are always looking for a way to stand out. Becoming a sustainable event has become a tried and true way to make sure your event stands out. Trying to attract a younger crowd? Sustainability has become a must (see Mitra Sorrells’ blog about millennials at BizBash). On top of all that, green events meet new and evolving guidelines that more and more corporations are putting in place. 

A Community Experience
A great thing about making your event green is that sustainability is an innate community activity. It forces your attendees to interact, discuss, and serves as an ongoing theme throughout your event. Create conversations near the recycling bins, have attendees share rides, or have a sustainability project at your event, and you are actually enhancing your event’s ability to connect people. 

Sustainable events are no longer a niche. Event managers are jumping in with both feet and we think its good not only for your event, but for mother earth as well.