In this week's event read we bring you 10 ways to improve your email marketing, 10 ways to reduce no-shows and 10 start ups you should be aware for their innovative ideas to better attendee experience at your next event.

By Damon Wee, GEVME
Email still tops the list when it come to reaching out to target audience. Segmenting your audience for email marketing is as important as great information and content. This is an article by GEVME, they help event organizers with their technology needs.

By Virtual Venue Visit
Cancellations and No-Shows is a grave fear for every event organizer, not only it impacts the ROI but devolves your event's reputation. This article is by Virtual Venue Visit, they bring you videos of the world's best venues.

By Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog
They say the only thing constant is Change, for events we need to keep up with innovative ideas and technology trends to ensure best attendee experience. Here are top ten start ups and their offerings you shouldn't miss reading about, this article is by Event Manager Blog.