Marketing might be the most important part of an event organizers job. Planning an amazing event means nothing if no one knows about or experiences it. That is why event organizers have become some of the best marketers out there. When it comes to your apps, it's important to get them into the hands of your attendees. We put together a few strategies event organizers can use to let their attendees know about your apps. 

Before: Email is Your Best Friend
With today’s modern registration systems (like our partners at Event Farm) it’s ridiculously easy to send out mass emails to your attendees and invitees. Plan a date before your event (we recommend a month) and send out a pre-formatted email with download links. The majority of attendees check their email from their mobile devices and can just click on the link and download directly. 

Before: Use Your Website
The majority of attendees will check your website before traveling to your event for details on transportation, hotel, etc. Use that as an opportunity to get them to download your app before they get to your event. Put download links and instructions on each of your website pages to make sure attendees get the message. 
At Check In: Download Reminders and Pages
As users are checking in to your event, it is the perfect time to remind them to download the app. We provide download pages you can post with QR codes and designs for handouts to drop in your event bags. Make sure your attendees have the app before they start their event experience.